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client login | Thursday 06th August 2020
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Your Input

You might wonder what your input would be when your site is being built? You are the most important person in the project. Without you there is no website. You want to end up with a site that reflects the needs and character of your business or personal profile. That is why we will work very closely with you to ascertain exactly what it is you want to do. This may seem obvious to some, but it is interesting how many times I have been asked to create a web site with little or no input from the client.

Your input is absolutely essential, as is worded content, photographs, themes etc. Probably what best describes this is that a Web Designer is simply there to formulate your ideas into an online electronic format.

Do you have an idea for a website or perhaps you already have an existing website that you'd like to revive? Whatever your circumstances, feel free to call or e-mail!