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client login | Thursday 06th August 2020
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Dynamic Content

There are two distinct web pages, those that are static and those that are dynamic. Static pages are ones that don't change, whereas dynamic pages are created with information from a data source, for example a database. The advantages are clear, dynamic pages allow for greater flexibility, site usability and above all up to date information. No one likes to read old news. We specialise in creating dynamic pages that use the LAMP system. More information on the LAMP approach can be found on our hosting page.

What can dynamic content do for me?

Dynamic content, when designed into a website can allow you to keep your site up to date without having to rely on a web designer to update the website's content. With the information contained in a database, you will have access to update this data, keeping your site interesting and up to date!

If you sell several products or services, these details can be maintained and held in a database allowing you to update any aspect of each product with ease. It would give you the freedom to move with changes in product availability, prices and stock availability.